I am on a journey of discovery about myself. I am a new mother to a 2 yr old son. I have 2 adopted out sons watching over us. I have learned a tremendous amount about myself in the past 5 years and have realized that I need to take action and get my creative juices flowing. I have always wanted to be good at art, but lacked the confidence. I enjoy creating and hope this space will help me on my journey of creation and whatever else life may bring my way. I am experimenting with many things at the moment and will see where they lead. I love my little man more than words can describe, but motherhood is both more challenging and more rewarding than I ever imagined.
You can read 'My Life Story' at the bottom of this page.

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SKIL in Parsons celebrates anniversary of American Disabilities Act. The event featured a petting zoo, face painting, free hot dogs and many other fun things for kids.

Tonight we played with the chalk before heading to the park. Alexander likes tracing his hand and foot.

Having a tea party with Aime & Kaleb. Wee had shots of water doing so. We also got tipsy in the 3D space exhibit.

Playing in the corn now.

I am so excited about taking the boys to Curious Minds Discovery Zone this morning. Alexander is already talking about wanting to play with his friend Kaleb.